St Giles Trust SOS Project

This multiple award-winning service offers intensive support to vulnerable young people to help them in the criminal justice system and those at risk. It works with young people exposed to or at risk of violence, vulnerability and exploitation. The work encompasses gangs work and family support as well as child exploitation and human trafficking.

It offers a tailored package of support for each young person to help them identify and realise alternative aspirations and goals. It also works with young people at risk of getting involved in the criminal justice system. SOS aims to help make the communities in which it works a safer place for everyone. Gang crime in particular has consequences beyond those directly involved. By supporting young people who are involved in gangs, the benefits are considerable, including reductions in weapons crime and innocent victims.


Gangsline is a non-profit organisation established in 2007 to provide help and support to young men and women involved in gang culture.  We work with individuals from the deprived parts of our communities and with deeply entrenched social, educational, spiritual and family issues.  Central to our ethos and success is a proactive, spiritual and non-enforcement led approach to gangs, and the gang violence embedded our local communities.

Reach Every Generation

A former gang member himself, the man behind Reach Every Generation knows first-hand just how young people get caught up in gang culture and understands why ‘hard to reach young people’ are labelled ‘hard to reach'. His experiences bring reality to the educational training provided by Reach Every Generation and, with the help of other former gang members, you can expect hard-hitting, inspirational training sessions and mentoring that will develop professionals to reach wider and win back more ‘hard to reach’ young people.