A police initiative putting extra patrols on the streets of Clacton during the summer season has been hailed a success.
The operation saw additional high visibility policing during peak tourist times, to reassure residents and businesses, deter offenders, and tackle an increase in criminal activity during the summer time which matches a rise in the population.
The initiative was funded with £15,000 from Tendring District Council (TDC) and £5,000 from Essex Police.
Inspector Darren Deex, Councillor Lynda McWilliams and Pcso Matt Ladkin at the launch of the operation.Inspector Darren Deex, Councillor Lynda McWilliams and Pcso Matt Ladkin at the launch of the operation.Figures now reveal during the period of the operation, which ran from July 20 to September 15, 19 people were arrested and 26 people stop-searched, with a total of 560 hours of additional high visibility patrols carried out.Crime figures show that compared to the same period in 2017 robbery offences were down 40%, violence with injury crimes down 6%, shop theft fell by 20% and anti-social behaviour incidents reduced by 29%.
Inspector Darren Deex, who heads up the Tendring Community Policing Team, said the operation had been extremely well received by the community.
“Throughout the operation the team has been met with positive reactions from the public, and the town has felt a safer place to be,” Insp Deex said.
“The main thrust of the operation was to provide public reassurance to both the retail community and also visitors to the area, rather than pushing up arrest rates.
“This is a very positive result, and I’m hopeful we will be able to run a similar operation in 2019 with support from TDC.”
Lynda McWilliams, TDC Cabinet Member responsible for community safety, said it made sense to invest in extra policing to match the time when Clacton was busiest.
“These additional patrols give people extra confidence and help to reassure businesses too,” Councillor McWilliams said.
“The results and feedback show this was definitely money well spent.”