Aims & Objectives


Research shows that family and friends are best placed to spot the signs that someone might be vulnerable to radicalisation. We want them to ACT early so their vulnerable friend or loved one can get the support they need before the situation escalates into something more serious.

Recent studies have found that the public are unsure of signs to look out for and who to turn to when they have concerns.


What is the aim of the ACT Early website?

Help increase Prevent referrals from family and friends into the police by increasing awareness, trust and understanding of the police’s safeguarding role.

Specifically by:

  • Increasing awareness of where to go for further information and support
  • Increasing awareness of the signs of radicalisation
  • Increasing understanding of, and confidence in, the referral process
  • Encouraging referrals from concerned family and friends at an early stage
  • Highlighting the police safeguarding role in Prevent


ACT Early Website Development Background

The website and collateral materials has been developed by Counter Terrorism Policing’s Communications team with input from a range of partners, including: academics, OSCT, Department for Education, Department for Health and Social Care, Local Authority Prevent Coordinators, and families who have been involved in Prevent and had loved ones radicalised. The website, messaging and creative concepts have also been tested with the public through focus groups and website user testing.

Following extensive consultation, the ACT Early website aims to be a source of practical advice, support and guidance for those who have concerns. It promotes case studies, signs to spot, and details on how to make a referral. The tone is empathetic and concerned, with a clear focus on safeguarding. The website also explains the police’s role in this safeguarding space and features Q&A’s directly addressing the barriers we have seen through extensive research and focus groups.

We have avoided an overly police-focused look and feel so it appeals and encourages family and friends to reach out for help. To reflect the multi-agency nature of Prevent, the website clearly signposts to other partners and agencies for support and advice.

How can I help?

 Please help promote the new website. The more people understand the Prevent policing role and how we work with partners to support and help vulnerable people, the more likely they are to share their concerns. We want to help before it becomes too late.

  • Promote ACT Early on your social media channels
  • Adapt our templates for use on your website, intranet and newsletters
  • Display the ACT Early posters and banners in your organisation’s building, display screens and public areas
  • Print the ACT Early leaflets and business cards to share with the public 


Please email us on if you have any questions. Please share any photos of your organisation promoting the website. Thank you for your support.


 Campaign creatives

 Branding Guidelines

We have also provided guidelines with helpful information on how to use the ACT logo and campaign branding. You can download the guidelines from here.


Social Media Copy

 Copy 1

 If you are worried that one of your friends or family is in danger of being radicalised, share your concerns in confidence.

You won’t ruin lives but you could save them. #ACTEarly


Copy 2

 Are you worried that someone you care about is at risk of radicalisation, but not sure what to do?

#ACTEarly and find out what support is available


Copy 3

 Trust your instincts and seek advice. If you are worried about someone you know developing extremist views, #ACTEarly and tell us your concerns in confidence.


Copy 4

 Are you worried that a loved one is at risk of being exploited by extremists? We are here to help.

You won’t be wasting our time. Visit the #ACTEarly website for advice and support.


Three films have been released that bring to life the powerful words of John, Micheal and Mustafa. The films can be found on the ‘Real Stories’ section on the ACT Early website. 

Mustafa was a follower of multiple radical clerics and Micheal lost his brother to an extremist group and wishes he could have spotted the signs earlier. The films take their words and turn them into powerful animations that encourage those with concerns about someone they know and care about to visit for advice and support

Video 1 – Micheal’s story – full video

Video 2 – Mustafa’s story – full video

A third film – tells the story of John who felt like an outsider and when a friend invited him to an extreme right wing event, he went along. His words tell the story of how he was drawn down a dangerous path.

Video 3 – John’s Story – full video

We would be grateful for your support in promoting the three films, in the hope that they encourage more concerned families and friends to share their concerns at an early stage with concerns about a loved one vulnerable to radicalisation.

 How can I help?

We would be grateful for your support in promoting these new films and associated assets on your own social media channels, engagement events or other opportunities where they can help promote discussion and encourage people to reach out for help if they have concerns.



Counter Terrorism Policing launched an eight week digital partnership with Netmums in 2021 to promote ACT Early among mothers.

By focusing the partnership on reaching mothers, rather than family members more broadly, it enabled Counter Terrorism Policing to create the best possible campaign for that audience, tailoring content to them and their specific needs and concerns. Netmums is an established and trusted brand with a strong presence among mothers.

 About Netmums

Netmums is one of the UK’s biggest parenting websites. It is trusted, supportive and inclusive of all parents for nearly 20 years. They provide community-led trusted, authoritative content accredited with the latest guidelines in an expert but friendly tone

Netmums reaches 4m parents every month; 24% have children 12+ years (37% have children 9 years+); 67% of Parenting Plus audience have children aged 10-15 years old. They campaign for diversity of parenthood and educate, inform and inspire mums, dads and carers for the duration of their parental journey. Their website has no profanities, judgement, bullying or trolling; they are trusted, supportive and inclusive of all parents.

 How you can help

  • Sharing the digital assets on your social media channels and with local partners


  • Raise awareness of the vulnerability of young people to radicalisation and encourage mothers (with children 12+) to act early with any concerns.
  • Educate mothers about the dangers and the signs to spot to help protect their children from online radicalisation dangers.
  • Show that Counter Terrorism Policing have a role to play in safeguarding and are there to support and not criminalise if mothers act early.
  • Drive traffic to ACT Early website.

 Project Plan

The Netmums digital partnership will include:

  • Research: Survey of 1,000 parents to gain insights and impactful statistics to feed into partnership. Findings to inform the creative content and PR launch.
  • Online Content Creation: A series of 4 native articles written by the Netmums editorial team. Promoted across the website.
  • Social: 4 Facebook posts driving to content and 1 week takeover of Netmums Facebook page
  • Digital Display Amplification: Targeted display and pre-roll on Netmums and ‘Parenting Plus’ websites
  • Video: Creation of c-branded video asset housing key take outs from insight. Usage rights for 1 year.
  • Forum Collaboration: Sponsored ‘drop in clinic’ where parents can ask a Prevent Officer questions and seek advice.
  • Newsletters: Seeding partnership out via Netmums Daily News newsletters, driving to new content