Tendring Community Safety Partnership’s 2nd street Action Day” took place in Clacton on Wednesday October 11th.

The day began at 08:30 with a briefing at Clacton Police station. Partners were then asked to carry out surveys throughout Grigson Drive, and if time allowed other roads in close proximity.

The surveys were designed to cover all aspects of practical support, from housing and health, financial and benefits support, to crime and local issues.

The surveys aimed to gather as much information as possible from residents about any support needs they may have.

If partners were able to assist with any issues raised during the time of the survey, they would go ahead and address the issue. If they were not the right agency, or if the resident displayed multiple and complex needs, then the appropriate partners were tasked with returning to the address later in the day.

Agencies and Groups that participated include;

  • CHP

  • Essex Police

  • One Support

  • Tendring District Council*


  • Volunteers from the Active Citizen programme